Asian Antique Maps

About Asian Antique Maps

I thought I would start off this blog on Asian antique maps as I didn’t see too many other blogs around about map collecting. My wish is to share information about old, rare maps and to show that they are not just geographical representations, but are historical documents with a great story buried inside each map.

I will try and tease out this story in some of the maps in my collection by giving examples of maps which have a special story to tell.

If you like history, geography, art, Asia or antiques, this blog might have something for you.

Check out the Maps in my collection section to see a small selection of rare maps. I will add more in coming days.

A bit about myself….ok to skip if you are yawning. 🙂

I have been collecting antique maps for over 15 years and with well over 1000 maps, I’ve decided to sell off part of my collection now that I’ve returned home to Australia.

I studied Asian studies at University and did a post grad marketing degree, worked in the corporate field for many years. While working I developed a strong passion for antique maps of Asia and China. After many years of collecting antique maps, I’ve decided to sell off a portion of my collection. I will be doing it bit by bit as I have a rather large number of maps.

I have given lectures at various clubs & associations on the history of maps in the Asian region including:

– At the Royal Asiatic Society in Shanghai & Beijing chapters.
– Shanghai Rotary Club
– Shanghai Historical Society

I don’t sell any copies or reproductions – all my maps were part of my private collection and are guaranteed to be 100% original antiques.

I also have a large collection of old original and scarce Shanghai & Peking maps from early 1900’s.

If you wish to contact me with any requests or questions about antique maps, I’d be happy to answer them.


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